Sunday Messages 2023

Sunday December 31 – Simeon’s Song – Luke 2:29-35

Adult Sunday School December 31

Sunday December 24th – The Eternal Dawn – Isaiah 9:1-7

Christmas Eve Service

Sunday December 17th – Christ’s Glory – John 1:14-18

Sunday December 10th – Responding to the Word – John 1:6-13

Adult Sunday School December 10th

Sunday December 3rd – In the Beginning – John 1:1-5

Sunday November 26th – Thankful for God’s Blessing – Deuteronomy 26-30

Sunday November 19th – The Permanent Nature of God’s Covenants – Numbers 16

Sunday November 12th – Numbers 15

Adult Sunday School November 12th

Sunday November 5th – The Consequences of Grumbling – Numbers 14:26-45

Adult Sunday School November 5th

Sunday October 29th – How to Pray for Rebellious Sinners – Numbers 14:13-25

Adult Sunday School October 29th

Sunday October 22nd – The Line Between Delight and Death – Numbers 14:1-12

Adult Sunday School October 22nd

Sunday October 15th – Impossibility or Opportunity? – Numbers 13

Adult Sunday School October 15th

Sunday October 1st – And the Lord Heard It – Numbers 12

Sunday September 24th – When God Provides “Perforce” – Numbers 11:31-35

Adult Sunday School September 24th

Sunday September 17th – Numbers 11

Adult Sunday School September 17th

Sunday September 10th – Complaining is Contagious – Numbers 11

Sunday September 3rd

Adult Sunday School September 3rd – A Day in the Life of Strangers and Pilgrims – Numbers 10

Sunday August 27th – Numbers 9

Adult Sunday School August 27th

Sunday August 20th – God, Passes Over – Numbers 9:1-14

Adult Sunday School August 20th

Sunday August 13th – Baptism service

Sunday August 6th – Am I a priest? – Numbers 8

Adult Sunday School August 6th

Sunday July 30th – The Promise of God’s Presents – Numbers 7

Sunday July 23rd – The Promise of God’s Presence – Numbers 7

Adult Sunday School July 23rd – Nathan Delich, Baptism

Sunday July 16th – No recordings available

Sunday July 9th – Tom Meyer

Adult Sunday School July 9th – Tom Meyer

Sunday July 2nd – Remember Me

Adult Sunday School July 2nd

Sunday June 25th – Followed by His Blessing part 2 – Numbers 6:22-27

Adult Sunday School June 25th

Sunday June 18th – Followed by His Blessing – Numbers 6:22-27

Adult Sunday School June 18th

Sunday June 11th – The Privilege of holiness part 2 – Numbers 6:1-21

Adult Sunday School June 11th

Sunday June 4th – The Privilege of holiness – Numbers 6:1-21

Adult Sunday School June 4th – Myanmar/Karen people update

Sunday May 28th – No recording available

Sunday May 21st

Sunday May 14th – The process of Restoration – Numbers 5:5-10

Sunday May 7th – How Important Is Holiness – Numbers 5:1-4

Adult Sunday School May 7th

Sunday April 30th – Holy Unto the Lord, God’s Call to All of His Peoples – Numbers 2-3

Adult Sunday School April 30th

Sunday April 23rd – That Great Goal: God’s Glory – Numbers 1

Adult Sunday School April 23rd

Sunday April 16th – Paying for the Mud Pies

Adult Sunday School April 16th

Sunday April 9th – Your Mind, In Christ – Philippians 2:1-11

Sunday April 2nd – Where to Go from Here – Romans 13:11-14

Adult Sunday School April 2nd

Sunday March 26th – The Truth About Death

Adult Sunday School March 26th

Sunday March 19th – Man’s Mortality and God’s Decree – Psalm 90

Adult Sunday School March 19th.

Sunday March 12th – How to Leave a Conversation Like a Christian – 1 Corinthians 16:19-24

Adult Sunday School March 12th.

Sunday March 5th – Last Minute Instructions for Worldly Christians – 1 Corinthians 16:13-18

Adult Sunday School March 5th.

Sunday February 26th – How to Be a Practical Christian – 1 Corinthians 16:1-12

Adult Sunday School February 26th – Elijah Schewes – Durable Bibles Project

Sunday February 19th – How to Live Fruitfully Unto God – 1 Corinthians 15:58

Adult Sunday School February 19th

Sunday February 12th – How to Give Thanks for the Greatest Gift – 1 Corinthians 15:57

Sunday February 5th – Eric White

Adult Sunday School February 5th

Sunday January 29th – How to Celebrate the Victory of the Resurrection (part 2) – 1 Corinthians 15:54-56

Adult Sunday School January 29th

Sunday January 22nd – How to Celebrate the Victory of the Resurrection (part 1) – 1 Corinthians 15:54-56

Sunday School January 22nd – Charity Shambaugh

Sunday January 15th

Adult Sunday School January 15th

Sunday January 8th

Adult Sunday School January 8th

Sunday January 1st – How to Deal With Intractable Unbelief – 1 Corinthians 15:35-40

Adult Sunday School January 1st

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