Aiming for Antofogasta:
A Short-Term Missions Endeavor


Kati Linscott has been approved and commissioned by First Baptist Church of Marshall to pursue this opportunity for ministry. She is the daughter of Pastor Greg and Jennifer Linscott, and has spent her whole life in a pastor’s home. She came to faith in Christ at a young age, and as she has grown physically and spiritually, has sought to use her time and skills for the Lord in the context of local church ministry. She labors faithfully in many areas of the church, including playing the violin and piano on a weekly basis and teaching in children’s ministries. Kati will begin her final year of high school as a PSEO student at Southwest Minnesota State University this coming fall.

The plan is for Kati to labor with the Flincks for a month in June-July of 2016. Her father, Pastor Greg Linscott, will accompany her there and visit the work in Antofogasta for a week before returning to the USA.



We will be working with David and Kristi Flinck and family, who are supported by our church. They are laboring as church-planting missionaries in the city of Antofogasta, Chile. They are sent by Berean Baptist Church in Brooklyn Park, MN, and serve with the Gospel Mission of South America.


How Can I Help?

Your prayers are desired in the preparation, actual ministry time, and for fruit to be borne out in both the Antofogasta and Marshall churches.

MAY 30- The Lord has provided us with all the funds needed to travel! We are so grateful for His provision, and for the way God’s people have been generous. Thank you!


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Posted by First Baptist Church of Marshall, MN on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kati says:

I am extremely excited and grateful to have the chance to travel down to Chile and serve the Lord in this way.  David and Kristi have been so generous as to open up their home to my Dad and me this summer.  I would like to ask for your prayers leading up to and during this trip for our financial support, overall safety, and that the Lord would take this opportunity and use it for His glory not only in my life, but the lives of the people I will be working with down in Antofagasta.